Chapel Street Location of the Library

On the first of May in the year 1854, we proudly proclaimed our existence during a public gathering. Before the establishment of the town council, the PMI Victorian History Library had already begun its journey, unfolding across three cherished locations.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll discover our beloved PMI Victorian History Library nestled on St Edmond’s Road, embodying the essence of a vibrant community whose members are bound by a timeless love for knowledge. Reflecting on our storied past, we’ve remained steadfast in preserving the original mission of the library – an endeavour rooted in education and thoughtful discourse. Our gatherings, including author talks, book clubs, and various events, continue to foster the intellectual camaraderie that has defined us over the years.

Our original aims were the Mental and Moral Improvement and Rational Recreation of its Members, by means of Lectures, Discussions, Library, Reading Rooms, Classes, Museum, Philosophical Apparatus.

As we embark on this milestone anniversary, we extend our gratitude to each of you, the dedicated members who have enriched the fabric of our library. In addition to our regular services and events, we have planned some special activities to commemorate this historic occasion. Keep a keen eye out for details on fundraising initiatives, a delightful Trivia night, and an enchanting exhibition that will transport you through the captivating chapters of our history.

For without the enduring support of our esteemed Library members, our institution would not have blossomed into the cherished repository of knowledge and community that it is today. Here’s to 170 years of shared memories, intellectual pursuits, and the timeless joy of learning together!