We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Library and Information Week Flash Fiction Competition.

The staff and committee of the PMI Victorian History Library would like to congratulate Linda Martin for her successful entry Her Uncle the Historian submitted under the adult competition and to Oban Ford for his successful entry The Sinking of the HMS Sirius, submitted in the Under 18 competition.

Her Uncle the Historian by Linda Martin

Judge, Elizabeth Jane Corbett noted that there were some delightful stories among the submissions, however she was looking for something that produce an “ah” moment.

On Her Uncle the Historian, Elizabeth wrote “the writer’s descriptive imagery was a delight and the ending to the story both subtle and profound”. Congratulations Linda!

Linda Martin is a creative nonfiction research student at Curtin University. She also teaches creative writing at the School of Indigenous Studies at UWA. In her spare time, she loves to read and write flash fiction.

Linda said “to write ‘with an Australian history theme’ was a great prompt given by PMI. It made me think about ‘Australian history’ taught in schools last century, with its exclusion of Indigenous history. From that point, imagination took over“.

You can read Her Uncle the Historian here.

Special mention went to Transported by Caroline Mary Evans.

The Sinking of the HMS Sirius

Judge, Rafael SW noted that there were some similar themes throughout the entries but found The Sinking of the HMS Sirius “the strongest in terms of writing skill and being able to vividly capture the scene”. Congratulations Oban!

Oban Ford currently lives near Margeret River in the beautiful southwest of WA. He was born in Cambridge, England and came to Australia when he was five. Now seventeen, he hopes to pursue a career in professional writing.He has loved books ever since he could read and over time that has evolved into a passion of writing. 

Oban writes about the inspiration for his story:

“I’ve always been interested in the stories behind a story – and found the events surrounding the HMS Sirius tragic and moving. I tried to see this story through the eyes of a child, contrasting the experiences of my character Thomas with those of my own as a young immigrant.”

You can read The Sinking of the HMS Sirius here.

Special mention went to Bugs by Nevada Wright for its unique structure and good ending/moral.

Thanks to all of the entrants for helping make the contest a success.

We would also like to thank the Historical Novel Society Australasia for their assistance and extend our gratitude to Elizabeth Jane Corbett and Rafael SW in their roles as Judges of the Adult and Under 18 competition, respectively.  

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