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Where Did All the Blacksmiths Go? / Shirley Xanthos (2017)

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ISBN: 9780980453676
Extent: 185 A5 pages
Price: $34.95 + p&h
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  • The loans desk at the PMI LIbrary, 39 St Edmonds Road, Prahran (over the counter sales only) (10% discount for PMI library members)
  • You can also contact the author by post, email or via Facebook:
    1/76 Sternberg Street, Kennington, Vic 3550  |  |  (Facebook) Shirley Xanthos – Author

Thousands of years ago man made fire, man heated rock, man discovered by heating rock he could improve his weapons for hunting for food. This same man became intelligent enough to improve on these procedures and began making more sophisticated implements and weapons. This man became known as a blacksmith. With these skillful men communities grew, villages became towns, towns became cities and with growth came hunger and criminals. Britain sent its undesirables to the new colonies. Australia benefited from the abilities of these men but industrialisation raised factories and with them the loss of thousands of skilled tradesmen. So where did all the blacksmiths go?


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