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No Shops in Acland Street : the Autobiography of an Entertaining Lady / Helene Jacoby Swieca (2006)


ISBN: 0975600036
Extent: 240 A5 pages
Price: $29.95 + p&h
Available from:

  • Prahran Mechanics’ Institute (10% member discount)
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Helene Jacoby was born in St Kilda, Victoria over ninety years ago. She began singing in public at the age of 3, and her career in Australian theatre, radio and television spanned over six decades. No Shops in Acland Street is her story, as told to Cecily Parris. She tells with spirit and humour about her early life, and her travels and adventures in theatre, radio drama, country radio and the fashion industry all woven around family and three marriages – revealing a highly entertaining lady.
She was there when movies learned to talk, when radio was at its best, and when television started its flickering progress. And Helene knew everybody, socially and professionally. Her extraordinarily far-reaching memory is a unique treasure house of people and places. (Frank Van Straten, Foreword)

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