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Fine Tunes : A Tribute to Melbourne Jazz Pioneers / Mark Whitty (2007)

ISBN: 9780975600092
Extent: 120 A5 pages
Price: $30 + p&h
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From the ritzy night spots of the well-heeled to the somewhat less than salubrious haunts of the ’other half’, Mark has not only ’seen it all’ but has also seen plenty of things that he probably shouldn’t have seen. (Bruce J. Patience, Foreword)
Mark Whitty is a skilled multi-instrumentalist who began his career in jazz in 1956 singing in Melbourne and Sydney.
Fine Tunes is full of stories of some of the people he met in the Melbourne jazz scene along the way – ranging from the influential to the notorious. The book is accompanied by a CD of musical tributes written especially for the main characters.
Prepare to be transported to another era in Melbourne and musical history.

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