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Eliza’s Vision : A History of Wattle Park 1838-2006 / Ray Peace (2006)

ISBN: 0975600061
Extent: 207 B5 pages
Price: $29.95 + p&h
Available from:

  • This book is now out of print, but is available for loan at the PMI Library.

Wattle Park is a jewel of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Adorned by wattle it combines man made landscape and historic buildings with natural bushland containing much remnant indigenous flora and fauna. Eliza’s Vision puts on public record for the first time the complete story of this tramway parkfrom the colourful early days of its settlement to the present day. The story also comprises the construction of the Wattle Park tramway, the development of the public facilities, the effects of economic depression and war and community groups closely linked with the park such as the Melbourne Tramways Band and the Field Naturalists’ Club.

Article: Fifty Plus News, May-June 2009
Review: Whitehorse Historical Society Newsletter, May-June 2009
Review: History News

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